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Hey! I’m Amy and welcome to Sheer Tealight!

Ready to find out about me? Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved home fragrances from incense to room sprays, but most of all… I have always loved candles! From dinner candles to votives, massive scented jar candles to your simple tealight – I just simply love candles. As I have grown up and begun exploring new shops, my candle collection has somewhat… grown shall we say! But you can never have too many candles right?

This is how Sheer Tealight came to be. I want to share my love and reviews on all things candles and home fragrances because quite frankly candles bring me a whole lot of sheer delight – now you see my name inspiration 😉

Outside of random chats and giggles about my scented candle obsession, I am a single mum to a baby boy, the owner of my family business, a virtual assistant, Psychology and Counselling Student at the Open University, as well as also being planning and music obsessed!

I cannot wait to share my chats, tips and tricks with you. So why not pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and light your favourite candle as we chat together.

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As I mentioned above, I also have a fair few other projects that I am working on as well as my family business!

Find out more about where I might be when I am sitting next to my candles to here!

If you love planning, productivity, positive psychology and love reading about mental health and self help tips, then why not find me over at Amy Jill Walker.

Perhaps you are a parent like I am! Then why not head on over to Bubbas & Beans where I discuss all things pregnancy and parenthood related!

If you love spirituality, new age items, witchcraft or paganism, then come and visit me at my family business – The Village Witch! We would love to have you!

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