Yankee Candle Apple Cinnamon Review

Greetings Candlers…

Are you ready for the first review of 2023? I most certainly am and today we are bringing out the big guns. Before we begin, I do have a mini confession to make – this isn’t actually a fresh unboxing or review of this candle. I have indeed had it before and knew back when I first had it that I loved it! Therefore, I simply felt I had to get another and share it with you!

Today’s candle is…

Apple Cinnamon Cider

Brand: Yankee Candle
Size: Large
Price – £7.50 at ASDA

(Note – This candle appears to no longer be available on the Yankee Candle website)


This candle is quite a bright red! I do have to admit, I am a bit of a sucker for any candle that is coloured red. To me, red candles always make me feel the cosiest, the warmest and bring a stand out colour to a room which is mostly black and grey.

Not to mention, that red coloured candles are usually the spicy scents. The cinnamons, the autumnal fruit pies, the star anise, the cloves, the mulled wines… The scents which make you feel equally warm inside but also somewhat hungry!

Initial Scent:

The initial scent of this candle is exactly what you would expect or hope for. On the first sniff test, you can easily make out each aspect of the overall smell. You get that slightly spicy smell of the cinnamon, the freshness of the apple but that warming sensation from the cider. It goes without saying but anything apple and cinnamon related from Yankee Candle, is my favourite!

How it Burns:

I am currently burning this candle as I am writing this post and I am in two minds and I absolutely love the smell of this candle. I know I keep mentioning this, but this candle for me is the epitome of warmth, and the scent as it burns certainly provides this. It truly brings in the Autumnal and almost festive vibes all year round – and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to bring a little Christmas into the everyday!

However, I do wish it was just slightly stronger! Not enough to give you a headache as soon as you walk in the room, but just a little bit more so that it doesn’t fade away and get lost.

I have been burning this candle on and off for the last 3 days, keeping it on for at least 3-4 hours each day. So far, there has been no tunneling, which is a massive plus point. It also appears that we have barely touched the surface, so I am expecting this candle to last me a very long time!

Overall Comments & Rating

Thank you so much Yankee Candle for another amazing candle! I am genuinely sad that this has been removed from the Yankee Candle store and seems to be at a reduced price at other shops such as ASDA. Usually this means one of two things: it is either seasonal and will return, or it is the end of that scent line. I really hope it is the first!

This candle for me scores a 4/5 – I just wish it was a tiny bit stronger!

Have you tried this candle before? Let me know!

Blowing out the blog candle for today…

Amy x

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